Buy Traffic to generate Mobile App downloads – Cost per Install Campaigns

Our Targeted Mobile Traffic at, which has high % of Android and iOS is highly suitable for such campaigns where advertisers are targeting a mobile app install directly or via play store.  Price per 1000 mobile impressions costs only $1 cpm to start with on our network and expecting about 1 or 2 mobile app installs if not more makes it upto 50 cents per install which is 3 times less that what you would otherwise pay on an affiliate network if you plan to buy direct installs from mobile app install providers.

If you want to generate more mobile app downloads then you should buy traffic packages for it. You need to advertise and promote the mobile app so that people can learn about it and download it. The best way to do so is through advertising. You can use popunder ads for such a campaign as they have a good click through rate and can make your business popular easily. When you need to generate mobile app downloads then your ad should be directed at the mobile user as they are the ones who would be using the application or downloading it. You can thus buy mobile popunder traffic for it.

When buying traffic packages, it is important to ensure that the website is advertised on popular networks which receive high traffic. They are the ones who would be sending a part of their traffic to your website and this is why you need to ensure that you choose popular networks. You can buy the required traffic through us and easily promote your website better. We sell different type of popunder traffic which helps you to get a good click through rate and promotes your online business effectively. You can contact us to learn about these packages and to buy them for your mobile app.