US/RU/Uk/HK/MX Popunder Android Traffic – Carrier Targeted Inventory

United states, Russian federation, United Kingdom, Hongkong, Mexico – android – (Non Wifi Traffic). Good fit for advertisers who are looking to run keyword stuffing campaigns.

Traffic TypeUS/RU/UK/HK/MX Popunder Traffic
Cost per 1000 Impressions$0.50
Audience TypeRun of Network – US Android
Browser Targeting
IP Block TargetingWifi Traffic excluded, Only Carrier Traffic
Carrier Targeting
Device Targeting
Freq Capping
Daily Spend Capping
Reporting cPanel – Self serve
Category Targeting
City / State Level Targeting
Mobile OS targeting
Keyword Targeting
User Behaviour Optimization
Language Targeting
Postback Conversion Tracking
Traffic Throttling
DataForensic Traffic Filtring
US/RU/Uk/HK/MX Traffic